Lola Noir is a multidisciplinary artist focussing primarily on photography and writing. All her projects are approached from a theoretical lens, combining the philosophical framework of references she build up while completing her Bachelor of Arts at the University of Amsterdam with an innate drive for creativity. 

Utilising a combination of both digital and film photography, her digital workflow is also rooted in the analogue practice; choosing to embrace variation and imperfection, showing a strong preference for complete manual operation, and opting for selective framing instead of overshooting. This results in photography with a raw and honest aesthetic, finding beauty in the unexpected. 

Regarding writing she mixes poetry and fiction with journalistic pieces and academic essays. This approach provides room to address theoretical concepts from different perspectives and utilise various modes of communication. 

She is a regular contributor for The Dreamers Magazine and The Titty Mag.


Currently based in Amsterdam.

For enquiries:

Fields of interest include
but are not limited to:


Psychoanalytic theory


Power dynamics

Eternal recurrence

The functioning of time in general


Trend analysis


Queer theory


Subcultures + identity


In addition to this she also likes bunnies and long walks on the beach.