Fashion Fanatics // The Fashion Fanatics photography + interview series is an ongoing project exploring the delicate lines between fashion, identity & individualism.

The Fashion Fanatics photography project celebrates individuals for whom fashion is not only a way to facilitate, but also to express their individuality. Clothes, styling and a sense of self are intricately linked — they simultaneously sustain and strengthen one another. For this series the portrayed Fashion Fanatics are photographed in two different outfits that represent their style. Furthermore, they share their views on fashion and provide some an insight into their signature style development.

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Travelogue // Documenting the alienation and bewilderment of traveling to unfamiliar places through photography and prose. A multidisciplinary travel journal.

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Portraits // A selection of commissioned and non-commissioned portrait photography by Lola Noir

An impression of some random portraits, elaborate selfies & commissioned shots for interviews / press pics / ur tinderprofile etc

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