David, David, & Kip the Kitten | Amsterdam, 2018

commissioned and non-commissioned portrait photography by Lola Noir

an impression of some random portraits, elaborate selfies & commissioned shots for interviews / press pics / ur new tinderprofile

Musician Tim Koh shot by Lola Noir in Amsterdam
Tim Koh | musician | Amsterdam, 2018

Tim Koh is the former bass player in Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti, multi-instrumentalist He is now working on his solo projects if he’s not busy hosting his monthly NTS radioshow Kokonut Trip.

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sarkawt | amsterdam, 2018
Candice at Cafe de Blaffende Vis, Amsterdam, 2018, by Lola Noir
candice | cafe de blaffende vis | amsterdam 2018
elio heres | fashion blogger & queer activist | amsterdam 2018
nick robert hofland smoking in the streets | berlin | 2016
selfportrait | amsterdam | 2019
Nadia de Vries - Kleinzeer
nadia de vries | author, poet & phd candidate | amsterdam, 2018

portrait for her upcoming book Kleinzeer.
Nadia also published her first full-length poetry collection Dark Hour via Dostoyevsky Wannabe.

Esmee Schenk de Jong - Lola Noir Portrait Photography
esmee schenk de jong | journalist | amsterdam, 2017
nike danae | amsterdam | 2018
Joa Hitpass - Lola Noir Photography
herr hitpass | high-fashion stylist | amsterdam | 2017

Joa, aka Herr Hitpass, fashion in a bold and contemporary manner. Defiant intersectionality and a post-gender attitude makes his sense of style instantly recognisable. Joa’s work has been published in a.o. Glamcult, Imprint Magazine, Contributor Magazine & FGUK magazine.

Malou Zonjee - lola noir portrait photography
malou zonjee | amsterdam | 2017