Autumn / Winter


And he said he’d take me to where the harvest moon shines the greatest. Under the fallen, tangled, tango of the leaves his blood streams a luminescent gold. I wish I could live forever in the butterfly house, where it’s always safe and warm and the fluttering of wings sing a most precious Summer’s hymn. Dahlia flowers bloom and die, stretching her many arms wide across the seas. Her breath whistles softly with a scent of coffee, rye whiskey, and long lost romance. A multitude of tears began falling and swallowed me whole. With a sharp inhale I drink the sky of rose ‘till there is only a shroud of darkness left upon the world.


And she said there’s no need to be afraid of dying ‘cause dying is just a cycle and the world is eternally revolving in the deafening darkness of the imminent abyss. The cosmos is always creation; the sun now shines more brightly than in Summer. The world is crystallised, a fragmentation of the mind’s view in a thousand different directions. White harbours all the wavelengths of colour which shine through in an array of piercing macaroon, lilac, and a cruel blue cold as stone. He pulled out his beating heart and buried it deep in the dry, warm, viscera of the earth. Now snowdrops hang their heads and sigh a gently cry. Crows leap up towards the reticent sky. I touch the bark of trees and veins burn against the skin. As I breathe moist life into the air a robin dives into the hollow of my throat. His wings lift me up and I obliterate before the golden rays of heaven where I rain born anew.

The poem Autumn / Winter by Lola Noir first appeared in Synchronized Chaos.