sad girl sings a lament for the dying
in a four-bit video game score
sad girl’s daddy was a bank robber
her mother was a whore

sad girl loves her drinks carbonated and sweet
hot like summer heat
cold like a rainbow coloured popsicle
everlasting love is always optional

sad girl never had many friends
strangles lovers before it ends
saves bumblebees from crowded city streets
joins food fights with factory farmed meats

sad girl’s hands once got pierced
it was an uneventful class of crafts
she remains unrecognised a saviour
getting fined for bad behaviour

sad girl’s revenge is served with microwavable tv meals.
whatever sad girl wants sad girl steals
t-shirts, jewellery, gems, a heart of gold
sad girl’s sticky fingers clutch, choke, and hold

sad girl hears of civil war and famine
sad girl goes on hunger strike
ethical diets are all the rage these days
how long to go before she fades?

sad girl runs but never screams
sad girl’s always sad it seems
they say she’s bad, she’s a sinner
she eats strawberries with cream for dinner!

sad girl kisses just to tell
rides endless rounds in the carousel
sad girl’s clouds are always cotton candy pink
tries to drown herself in an empty sink

sad girl was baptised in a bath of flowers
sad girl cries a bath of tears
bathroom tiles have razor sharp teeth
sad girl slips, falls — is not freed

sad girl goes to church every Sunday
‘cause the shops are always closed
steals the body of Christ, the bread from the priest
it’s the only thing she ever eats

sad girl made a crucifix of magnolia flowers,
raspberry leaves and screams
‘the mummified vulva of Magdalena is the only
relic to fulfil my devout needs’

sad girls fall and sad girls tumble
break both feet on painted marble
blowing smoke rings in the sky
envious of the wings of a butterfly

sad girl dyes her hair a shade of gangrene brown
Xanax doesn’t lift her constant frown
a missing beat in her 3D printed heart
a myriad of glitches necked her from the start

Nostalgic reminiscence paints a picture
painfully true
sad girl always only knew
the second-to-safest road to school

she smiled to me and said
‘heck, maybe I’m just bad’
sad girl remains sad

The poem Sad Girl by Lola Noir appeared first in Synchronized Chaos.