And she said she’d always wear her round sunglasses ‘cause through those sunglasses the world was always dancing. And she swore to dance always through the naked fields clouded just by the sky. As I pressed his vein –bludgeoning, burning blue against the skin– my own veins resonated, electrifying the chords of my own body. In your starry eyes the universe lays reflected as her breath swarmed over me, anoint me in a damp mist sickly sweet of marshmallows, carbonated drinks and strawberries and cream. Entranced I lay down, a cotton candy clown.


And he said he’d always follow the sun ‘cause the sun sets forth life and never did he feel more alive than on the first days of Summer. Have you seen his bluebird? It hums softly in his stomach. Trapped, entangled in the guts — it sings the sweetest song for him only. His pores are a maze, through the cracks I can always find my way back. She crushes pearls in her milky hands, sipping oysters just for fun. He swore he would catch me should I fall and so he did and drowned me in an ocean of oysters, pearls, and salted tears.

The poem Spring / Summer by Lola Noir appeared first in Synchronized Chaos.